Election Day 2012: Vote!!

Rail Road Crossing SignI’ve found myself watching a lot of political “analysis” on tv in the past few weeks. I’m exhausted and I can’t wait for this political season to be over with already.

I’m fortunate in that I live in Washington State where we have 100% mail-in voting (and for quite a few years it’s been easy to vote via absentee ballot). I can research the issues and the candidates when it’s convenient for me and vote, all from the comfort of my own home. And that’s exactly what I did. Two weeks ago.

I can either mail it in or drop it off at one of many drop-off boxes all across the state. No standing in lines. No threat of voter intimidation. No searching for a parking space after fighting through traffic to get to the polling location. No butterfly ballots. Why all other states aren’t doing this, I don’t know. I’m sure it’s more complicated than I will ever know.

Wow! Someone just passed out standing in line waiting to vote in Florida. Combination of an 80-plus-degree day and long lines at the polls. We don’t have either here in Washington today.

I hope that if you are eligible to vote that you will get out and vote (or fill in that ballot and drop it off by tonight’s deadline). It’s time to move on!

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