Kid App Review [NEW FEATURE]

Preschooler App Reviews and My Thoughts on Technology for Kids

toddler on ipadMy parents got my daughter an iPad a couple of years ago for her second birthday! She’s now in preschool and just turned four and the iPad has proven to be a great learning tool for her. Since I spend a “not-insignificant” amount of time searching and evaluating apps for my daughter, I’ve been thinking to work this into a regular blog post for my readers.

I have a couple of apps that I use regularly to scour the Apple App store for educational apps as well as apps that are just plain fun. (I’ll include the names of those apps in an upcoming article.) No, I’m not a professional educator, just a mom who recognizes that technology doesn’t have to be a time waster in our children’s lives, but a quality learning tool that can benefit them with our guidance.

I hope to write at least couple of reviews each month to start, based on my experience and my daughter’s experience with a particular app and how it’s helping her at whatever her current level is, right now that’s whatever is relevant to 4-year-old preschooler, but I’m sure  some of the information will apply to kids of all ages.

Some weeks will be a review and some weeks will just be a list of apps I recommend that you try out with your child. Sometimes I’ll include some tips for using the iPad with your child and helpful links. There are a few things I look for when I’m searching, such as:

  • Educational Category: This could be math, counting, ABCs, writing, phonics, rhyming! etc.
  • Layout & Flow: user interface design is near the top of my list
  • Graphics Quality: it’s important to me as a designer that the graphics look good, but I can overlook if the content is good.
  • Price: I discovered a lot of really great apps that were free at the time I downloaded them (may or may not still be free) and a few that cost between 99 cents and $5. Another price related consideration: is it a full-featured app, or just bare bones requiring in-app purchases or an additional cost to upgrade to/unlock a worthwhile experience?

I’m sure there are other criteria not on the above list that I’m always (subconsciously) including in my analysis. I’d love to hear what’s important to you when choosing apps for your kids. Also let me know in the comments which kid apps are your favorites.

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