2013 Tulip Festival

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Tulips have always been my favorite flower. I was married in Mexico in April of 2003. I had a bouquet of white tulips, with even more purple tulips included in the reception table centerpieces. They had to be flown in. DO YOU KNOW HOW EXPENSIVE THAT IS? Truthfully neither do I because of all of the details of my not-so-big-fat-Mexican wedding, I wanted those tulips at any price.

When we got married again a week later (yes, you read that correct, we got married in Mexico then again in my hometown seven days later!!) we were in Seattle and we got armloads of tulips—more purple tulips of course—from the Pike Place Market at a screamin’ good deal.

We now live in the Seattle area and every year around our anniversary I get to see tulips at all the markets and I’m pleasantly reminded of both of my weddings.

It comes as a surprise to my friends that I’d never been to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. It certainly did not disappoint this tulip lover.

4 thoughts on “2013 Tulip Festival

    • Thanks Dar! I may have to replace the rose in my header image with one of the tulip images that has my website color scheme. Adding to the “to do” list now.

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