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Spring is finally just around the corner. Here are a few links I recently discovered:

I would definitely frequent this “pay-per-minute” cafe. It’s designed to build community by offering patrons a place to work and hang out for pretty much as long as they want, they just pay a small fee per minute. It’s stocked with snacks and they’ll teach you how to pull your own coffee and tea. It usually works out to be the same price as your favorite espresso drink, but without the pressure of feeling you’ve overstayed your welcome.


After having the opportunity to see the fabulous paper cutting art show featuring the work of Karen Bit Vejle last year at the Nordic Heritage Museum in Ballard, this art style has been catching my eye of late. Here’s a quick video I put together last year:

Now check out the work of Pablo Lehmann.  I’m once again rendered speechless at this art form. Just stunning work.


There are days when I dream of living in a smaller home. Apparently it’s a trend and there are people living that tiny house dream. For now we’re staying put, but something to consider for the future.

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