New Vimeo service enables direct selling between content creators and viewers

vimeo screen shotWouldn’t I love one day to have a Hollywood distribution deal for one of my future films. Until then, I can turn to the new Vimeo On Demand service. Similar to the direction the music and publishing industries have taken, Vimeo just announced today they will offer a “Vimeo on Demand” service which enables indie film producers to sell their work directly to their audience with a nice 90/10 revenue split.

Short films, webisode installments, instructional tutorials–there are so many ways this can benefit the soloprenuer, independent content producers and small businesses by allowing them the ability to get their content directly into the hands of their audience.

Vimeo On Demand (for their “PRO” service level at $139/year) is just another way that the internet is making it easy for anyone to produce, distribute and monetize their content.

What do you think of this new service?


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