video editing

snapshots+video+music+words= scrapbook films

You ever wish your scrapbooks could come alive?

Like when your family member says something
funny or witty or wise…
and wish you had their voice
to go along with your photos?

I love to create scrapbook films,
short bursts of love, words and
authentic experiences,
all contained within a few
meaningful minutes.
…and I’d like to create one with you.

It’s like…placing time in a bottle.
Crack open anytime when
funny or witty or wise,
is absolutely required.

how do we get started?

you send me your snapshots and video,
or I can shoot & film for you.
Of course I can use a combination of sources…

Then I’ll edit to a carefully
chosen piece of music and, well?
I’m ready to start! Are you?



Let’s get started!