A Look Back: Images of 2012 – Part 1 (of 2)

I’ve been busy (and a little under the weather) during the holidays and I’d wanted to get this post up long before now. So without further delay, here’s just a sampling of my best and/or favorite images from 2012.

  • close up of a yellow-pink rose in full bloom
  • sailboat as seen from the shores of Alki Beach
  • foot bridge showing negative space
  • closeup of pale pink rose in full bloom
  • little girl with arms outstretched in front of kino bay mexico sunset
  • bowl of red gala apples in a bowl
  • sunrise with plant silhouetted against sky
  • little girl looking into kino bay mexico sunset

I’m hoping that 2013 includes even more adventures to photograph, time to learn new skills, moments to reconnect with my network and opportunities to forge new relationships both personal and professional.

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