Short Film Friday: The Art of Paper Cutting

Yeah, it’s Sunday, not Friday, but given that I shot the footage only just last Thursday, I’m giving myself a break. My creative cohorts and I viewed a fascinating exhibit at the Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle on Thursday, featuring world renowned paper cutting artist Karen Bit Vejle. It was amazing, stunning and left me completely without adequate words to describe her lovely work. This exhibit runs through June 16, so if this short has you wanting more, I strongly encourage you to get over to the Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle soon.

This is my first film taken entirely on my iphone (both motion and stills) and overall I’m fairly pleased with how it turned out. Again, I see much that can be improved, but in my goal to try to complete a film a week (which I still haven’t been able to do…) I must move on. Enjoy!

Flowers and a Flirting Peacock (VIDEO)

Earlier this month I went on photo walk on the lovely grounds of the Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery. Spectacular gardens, fountains, manor house, tasting room and chateau. The winery vibe was in full effect: culture, history and tradition all on magnificent display. I expected the beautiful landscaping and blooming flowers, but what I didn’t think I’d see…well, just watch and you’ll see that I got a reminder to always remember to look up. Enjoy!

Beaver Lake Photo Walk (VIDEO)

Playing catchup with shooting/editing/posting new short films, but I’ll get there. This one is a nice “breather” if you’re in need of a relaxing 90-second meditation. A couple of weeks ago, I went with a couple of photographer friends in search of hummingbirds and owls in the woods next to Beaver Lake on the Sammamish Plateau. The canopy of trees made it difficult to film because of low light but I got a few nice shots. We could hear hummingbirds, but alas I wasn’t able to capture any with my camera. Regardless we had a great walk. Enjoy!

Tulips: A Riot of Color (Short Film)

My laptop was out of commission for most of the month of April, but thanks to the husband of a good friend, I’m back in business–literally! And it will only cost me one super-delicious, sweet potato pie! My first order of business was to get back on track with producing videos.

And here is my short film for April. A short, sweet and simple taste of spring, featuring the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. We went last week when the tulips were at their peak and the sun was bright. A famous poet once said of tulips: they “eat my oxygen” and I must agree. They were simply breathtaking at every turn.

Short Film Friday: Spring Clean Intentions

A quickly edited short. The thought to shoot that day was spontaneous as we actually had a bit of sun make an appearance. Carpe diem. Right? Enjoy!