Monday Links: Story | Design | Food | Life

autumn-garden-colorthink-links-logo2This week’s links to tools and inspiration:

Couldn’t agree more with this article’s message about licensing music for your video projects–or finding resources for free music for commercial use. Great thoughts and handy resources provided.

Web Design
I’ve been thinking to start a dedicated lifestyle-design-visual storytelling website/blog (or rename this one). Been trying to think of a name and I think this site can help. Now everytime I see a clever, unique, yet strange company name I’ll wonder if they used this tool.

Food Love
Twix bars have always been my favorite, but this homemade version I’ll have to try. It looks ridiculously delicious.

My neighborhood and surrounding area is pretty bike friendly and I’ve been thinking to get my 1980-something Schwinn Traveler 10-speed bicycle overhauled. Baby steps so far towards this actually happening, but this site’s chic and fresh fashions for women cyclists has me one step closer.

In Studio with Iva Jean from Iva Jean on Vimeo.

Have a great week!

Senior photo shoot at Kirkland Marina

sp-photo-assistant1A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to assist Daria Schubert of Schubert Photo+Graphics during a senior photo shoot. We were lucky to have a great day, with not-too-harsh lighting from a partially overcast sky and the wind cooperated for the most part.

You can see more of this photo shoot and more of Daria’s amazing natural light portraits and other photography on her Schubert Design facebook page.

Thanks Daria for the gig and for the shots of me in action!